RESISTANCE is a documentary film that uses the backdrop of mass demonstrations to the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America as the catalyst for a broader discussion on the state of representative politics in America today and questions whether the system is terminally broken or can be saved.

Blake Lewis, an American expat, travels to Washington DC to document these historic events and in doing so reveals a network of political movements that have been resisting the corporate domination of politics for decades. Emboldened and enlarged by the insurgent campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders, this network is calling for a mass movement to challenge the current regime and revolutionize American democracy.

Utilizing exclusive footage and interviews with everyone from protesters to presidential candidates, RESISTANCE provides an analysis of how we got here and how we can move forward with a grassroots people's movement.

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We need your help RESISTORS. As you can imagine a film that questions the status quo and challenges the legitimacy of the powers that be can be a hard sell. With your help we can use grassroots power to get the word out about the film and get it seen by RESISTORS around the country.

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A collection of organizations that are featured in the film or vouched for us along the way. Please visit their websites for more information about the Resistance Movement.




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